Once upon a time, in a land far far away, There was a magical place called " The Internet ".

In the beginning, the people of internet only could see blue and black Times New Roman text, and there was hardly any color or images.

Soon there were tables, columns, and rows. People rejoiced about page hit counter, animated text, and most of all, the dancing GIFs!

As time passed, there was music, changing colors, 3d buttons.. Everyone got excited about graphics, flash and interaction. Everyone wanted to come!

CSS grew, and people of internet land began to understand color and space better. There was more white space, attention to resolution and pixels.

The land started to fill with pictures and social interaction, more dynamic than ever.

Technology grew and grew, and along came the smartphone and tablet! The experience of people visiting the land became important.

"Minimal, clean, intuitive" could be heard from every corner of the land. Images became large! Everything became flat! Typography got blended!


People of internet land had come a very long way. So many changes, so much learned!

But all's not over yet in this extraordinary voyage...

So what's next?

Won't you come find out with me?

My name is Eunsoo Ahn and I design frontend.